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See also: Cleaner's Memo

A Note from the Class President is a note found in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).
It details information about the location of the Chemical Solvent.


It is found in the first area of the game, specifically Class 2-6, in Main Building 1 of Yeondu High School.


A Note from the Class President

Byeong-tae Kim!

Because of you, the chemical solvent was taken from me by the teacher!

I think he's mad about that time you were fooling around and spilled it all over the garden and killed the trees.

What am I supposed to do now?

I have chemistry class tomorrow!

You have to take care of this. You can either go and beg him, or if you aren't chicken, go get it yourself from the Gym Storage Room Safe.

By the way, the kids say that he's very forgetful so he hides the medals he's won in the storage room and uses them as the passcode for the safe.

반장의 쪽지


너 때문에 학주한테 화학용제 압수당했어!

전에 네가 장난치다가 화단에 쏟는 바람에 나무들이 다 죽어서 열 받았나봐. 내일 당장 화학 수업인데 어떻게 할 거야!

니가 알아서 처리해. 가서 싹싹 빌던가, 깡 있으면 니가 직접 체육창고의 금고에서 꺼내 오던가.

애들이 그러는데 학주는 건망증이 심해서, 자기가 딴 메달을 창고 안에 숨겨 놓고 비밀번호로 쓴대.

Further Note

  • In the Original, This note's name is Cleaner's Memo ( 청소 주번의 쪽지 [ A Note from Weekly duty of Cleaning ] ) but the Remake It's been altered and renamed to A Note from the Class President ( 반장의 쪽지 ).