The remake of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School has 35 different Achievements.

Managed through the "Google Play Games" and Apple's "Game Center" services, also "Leaderboard" as the service provided. Achievements are also going to be likely featured in the Steam PC Version.


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Name Korean Name Image Description XP (Google Play) Gamerscore Trophy (PS4) How to Unlock
Piece of Cake  쉬워도 상관없어
( I don't care even easier. )
N/A Clear Very Easy Mode 500XP Clear Very Easy Mode
Tougher Than Before 그렇게 쉽지만도 않다
( It is not so easy )
N/A Clear Easy Mode 500XP                                 Clear Easy Mode
Worthy Challange 이 정도면 할 만 한데
(If it is this level, can play the game. )
N/A Clear Normal Mode 500XP Clear Normal Mode
No Pain, No Gain 고생 끝에 낙이 온다
( After some hardships, happy days come. )
N/A Clear Hard Mode 500XP Clear Hard Mode
Hell's gate 드디어 왕리얼
( Finally, Wang Realmode )
Clear Hell Mode 500XP Clear Hell Mode
Uninvited Guest 초대받지 않은 손님 Enter Main Building 1 500XP Enter Main Building 1
The School in Darkness 어둠 속의 학교 Arrive at Main Building 2 500XP Arrive at Main Building 2
The Secret Deepens 깊어져가는 비밀 Arrive at the New Building 500XP Arrive at the New Building
Calm Before the Storm 폭풍 전의 고요 Arrive at the Auditorium 500XP Arrive at the Auditorium
Area Ruled by Vengeful Ghosts 원령이 지배하는 공간 Visit the Labyrinth 500XP Go down So-Young's path and use the Fire token.
Towards the Light 빛을 향해서 Arrive at the Bottomless Pit 500XP Go down So-Young's path, and complete ending.
The First Death 첫 번째 죽음 Experiance Death for the First Time 500XP Die at least once
Gaining Experiance 점점 익숙해지겠지
( Become more familiar. )
Experiance Death 10 Times 1,000XP Die 10 times
Faint Hello 스치듯 안녕
( Goodbye to brushed past me )
She Approaches from Afar 3,000XP Damaged 100 times by Haunted Head Ghost.
Unwelcome Advance 나비가 되기위한 과정
( The process for becoming a butterfly.[1] )
Flirt with the Girls 3,000XP Kneel down at the girl and keep touching thier legs until they kick you. Do this 50 times.
Do you know soy milk? 두유 노 두유?
( Do you know duyu?[2] )
Hui-min,Still a Growing Boy? 3,000XP Drink 500-soy milk packs.
Nerves of Steel 난 어려워도 좋아
( I like it even if it is difficult. )
Clear Hard Mode 10 Times 5,000XP Clear Hard Mode 10 Times
Paranormal Training 어려우면 좀 어때
( )
Clear Hard Mode 7 Times 3,000XP Clear Hard Mode 7 Times
In a State of Nirvana 해탈의 경지
Nothing Fazes Me Now 3,000XP Use the Cow Gallstone Pill 100 times.
Wait for Her 그녀를 기다립니다
The Scent of the Bathroom is Becoming Heavenly 3,000XP Encounter the Face Filled with Hatred 30 Times
Nothing Beats Easy 쉬워도 다시 한 번
( Although it is easy, once again )
Clear Very Easy Mode 10 Times 5,000XP Clear Very Easy Mode 10 Times
Easy peasy 난 쉬운 것이 좋아
( I like easy things. )
Clear Very Easy Mode 7 Times 3,000XP Clear Very Easy 7 Times
Tenacious Player 끈기있게 달린다
( Runs tenaciously. )
Clear Normal Mode 7 Times 3,000XP Clear Normal Mode 7 Times
Class President 연두고 학생회장
( The Student Council President of Yeondu High School )
Clear Normal Mode 10 Times 5,000XP Clear Normal Mode 10 Times
Stay on Guard 쉬울 수록 조심조심
( )
Clear Easy Mode 7 Times 3,000XP Clear Easy Mode 7 Times
Repeat Offender 다음 단계에 도전하자
( )
Clear Easy Mode 10 Times 5,000XP Clear Easy Mode 10 Times
Hide and Seek 꼭꼭 숨어라
( )
Each Encounter is a Surprise 3,000XP Encounter the Woman in the closet 10 Times
Infernal Addiction 이제 졸업 좀 하자
( )
Clear Hell Mode 7 Times 3,000XP Clear Hell Mode 7 Times
Conqueror of Hell 왕리얼을 정복한 자
( )
Clear Hell Mode 10 Times 5,000XP Clear Hell Mode 10 Times
Exorcist 퇴마사 희민
( Exorcist Hui-min )
Encounter All the Ghosts in Yeondu High School. 3,000XP See every ghost in the game.  This will involve playing Hard Mode.
Occult Club President 오컬트 동호회장
Collect All the Ghost Stories of Yeondu High School. 3,000XP Collect Every Story in the game. This will involve playing Normal Mode.
Voice of a Ghost 영혼의 목소리
Complete the Ghost Collection. 5,000XP Get every ghost picture along with each picture's story.
Memory of White Day 화이트데이의 추억
Complete the Ending Collection. 5,000XP Complete every ending on every difficulty level.
secret(upcoming) 이만하면 많이했다.
( )
Experiance Death 50 Times Experiance Death 50 Times
secret(upcoming) 이? 아무렇지 않아.
( )
Experiance Death 100 Times Experiance Death 100 Times


  1. The word that refers to the process for becoming a butterfly is metamorphosis. And metamorphosis is "변태" in Korean. This pronunciation is the same as a word which means sense of sexual perversion / sexual pervert.
  2. wiktionary:두유

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