Ankle Ghost (발목 귀신 , Balmok guishin) or Ankle catching ghosts is a ghost encountered in the New Building of Yeondu High School.

The ghost interferes with the step while the player is walking.


It is unknown whom or where from the ghost originates as there is no ghost story. During the Yeondu High School Paranormal Incident in March 13, 2001 as So-young and Hui-min arrive in the new building, So-young mentions that she heard students talking about a ghost of a little girl that appears to be sitting in the corner on the stairs (the ones besides the entrance; inside), she explains that it is rumoured that this ghost causes students to trip or fall. This is possibly a reference to this ghost.

It's possible that this ghost originates from one of the victims during the Korean War or the Japanese occupation of Korea.[citation needed]


It appears only during the Eun-mi's event at New Building

Its position is the Indoor bridge on the 3rd floor and catches the player across the bridge.

If caught by the ghost, you should look at the ghost image on the bottom then you are freed. Otherwise you will be struggling or stuck in place and Eun-mi will kill you.

Further Notes