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Bead removal game (Hangul구슬빼기놀이 ) is an exclusive document found in the Mobile version of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2009).


Bead (Marbles) removal game

In order to win in this game you must hold the ball with the opponent once and finally leave for the last time.
You should remove as many beads as you want and then pass the turn to the opponent.
The number of beads can be reduced at any time, but you can't remove them by moving the lines.

구슬빼기 놀이

상대방과 한번씩 구슬을 빼서 최종적으로 마지막 한개를 남기면 이기는 게임.
구슬을 원하는 만큼 뺀 후 상대방에게 차례를 넘겨야 하며, 구슬을 빼지 않고도 넘길 수가 있다.
구슬은 한번에 갯수제한없이 뺄수는 있지만 줄을 이동하여 뺄수는 없다.