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Biology Class Notes is a note White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake). It details the info of Spider.

It is exclusive to the remake version.


It is found in Classroom 2-2 on the 1st floor of Main Building, Section 1 of Yeondu High School.



Biology Class Notes


Arthropods that are arachnids
(What? they weren't bugs?)
6 to 8 eyes
Body part are head/chest and stomach
(What's the difference?)
There's a wandering kind and a setting kind.
They can't chew. They dissolve their prey with their stomach fluid.(Gross!)
It's thin bones and squishy body makes it hard to make a preserved specimen
(Then how'd they make the one in the Biology Lab?)

Next week's assignment is measuring a spider's weight using the specimen.
※The teacher promised to tell a scary story if class ends early next week. I'm excited!

생물 실습 노트


거미강에 속하는 절지동물
(뭐야, 곤충 아니었어?)
다리가 8개 (징그러..)
6개~8개의 홑눈
머리가슴-배로 구분
(머리-가슴-배랑 뭐가 다른거람!)
정주성과 배회성으로 나뉨
먹이를 씹어 먹을 수 없어 소화액으로 녹여서 먹는다. (우웩..)
외골격이 얇고 몸이 물렁물렁해서 표본을 만들기 힘들다고 한다.
(그럼 생물실의 거미 표본은 어떻게 만든 거지?)

다음 주 과제는 거미 표본을 이용한 거미의 무게 측정
※ 다음 주 거미 무게를 재는 수업이 빨리 끝나면, 선생님이 무서운 이야기를 해 주시기로 했다. 기대된다!

Further Notes