• JacobMrox

    We finally have our own unique design! As you can see, we have a new design, I took the opportunity to edit the CSS myself and create this new design, the navigation bar has rounder buttons now, a gray border and a background (basically the school wall).

    The right side rails now her round corner radius too, and a background! the background is that of the White Day remake menu background (a small portion of it). I also made it consistent with the new inconsistent rail designs (Wikia screwed things up in the recent month, they change some rail designs and left the rest unchanged which made it look odd, but that doesn't matter now since our rails are looking fabulous!)

    Feedback is Welcome!

    See you around, JacobMrox/Admin

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  • JacobMrox

    • Since wikia's upcoming design updates/overhauls are going to be focused on user ease, neat and sleek designs and user targeted advertisements and videos on top of articles, I incorporated a new feature in the video game infobox based on that, you can see what I mean in The School: White Day page where a trailer is shown in the infobox (on the right).
    • In the upcoming weeks a new article header and wiki header/navigation will be released to all Fandom's wikia's you can see it in action in the Marvel Database Wiki and learn more about it in Wikia Community

    What do you think about this new feature? should it stay or not? or should it change?

    • We now have an activity bot in our Discord, courtesy of Kocka Admiralac's scripts.
    • Voting is open for merging…

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  • Ohonemin

    Just contributed whiteday box images :p

    To me gamefaq is just game rating site, metacritic doesn't support checking my rates collection but gamefaq does.

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  • JacobMrox

    First of all, seeing as a lot of us have decided to work together to make the next version of the community patch the best version possible, I have taken the liberties and duties to ensure that things go smoothly, on the other hand, Emuyia (John/Unnamed) is back to lend a hand and assemble the patch/mod, Hgdagon is helping with the launcher, and other things, Myfffff1989 lent a hand to help us with a few Korean to English translations and texture transcriptions. So thanks to them and everyone who is helping out (even you can help if you want!).

    What I am doing (my part in the community patch):]]

    • Restoring textures at higher resulotion, including environments, objects, backgrounds, artworks and paintings (got the source formats) and so on.
    • Rec…

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  • Hgdagon

    A. Outside changes

    1. Removed unclickable buttons from the Launcher.

    2. Translated the DirectX Setup Tool button.

    3. Replaced the dead WhiteDay website link

    to Wikia link (still opens in IE).

    4. Translated this warning screen

    5. Translated Device Settings pages

    And this setting now actually works (more on this below):

    6. Now, this one is a bit more complicated. When you run the original Korean version, you'll see this screen:

    Basically, what is says is:

    A Pentium 4 processor has been detected.
    Do you want to run with code optimized for SSE2?

    Now, when I first spoke to John, back in the day, he told me that you should always press "No" at this prompt. I assume, that info comes from Rana, since later on she told me the very same thing. But that info is…

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  • Diszxchat


    Note: My previous blog page was accidently deleted by me. So I would have to start it from scratch.

    READ ME! and Instructions texts are re-formatted and it's more nicer. EVERYTHING COMES FROM 김디깅 in the beginning before the later comes from mine. As of now, the latest version is currently in a development version and is now publicly released. The full version of the update remains untouched as I have loss interest in it. I may come back doing it in the future.

    Korean (Google Translation):

    참고 : 내 이전 블로그 페이지는 실수 나에 의해 삭제되었습니다. 그래서 나는 처음부터 시작해야합니다.

    읽어봐! 지침 텍스트는 다시 포맷되고 더 좋네요. 모든에서 오는 김 디깅 처음에.

    Ultimate Fan Patch / 얼티 메이트 팬 패치입니다:

    Original Post

    • Glowstick is back and now functional (KOREAN / ENGLISH FEATURE)
    • Few deleted events are added (KOREAN /…

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  • Diszxchat

    Hi! Welcome to my second blog page also known as the cutting room floor (just kidding). Right now, I still researching how the script works and how it effects. I will be doing all scripts (other files will be also) and what it's in it because all of the titles are not understandable since they're originated from the Korean Language / Locale. Might need to take for a few days to fully finished this section. If you're willing to help on the references, please re-edit it and add more if there are missing or left out (Please don't vandalise it). Some of the scripts failed to translate from Notepad++. .Ini and other files in the script are not included as they're for editing script help. I think there is a command for console to load up Multipla…

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  • Hgdagon

    Scripts and console

    December 13, 2015 by Hgdagon

    I think I found a way to rename the lavelnames. Not very useful anywhere, other than eliminating Korean characters for the savegame name. I should come up with a better naming, though. "1st wing of the Main Building" is a lot longer than what the game is set for.

    Also, I don't think this has ever been said before, but typing a number after a cheat code will result in acquiring that amount of the object. E.g.

    "머거.도시락 10" will give you 10 Lunchboxes. Doing this with objects of which you should only have one will work but may result in weird behavior. That is to say, don't cheat to get 99 Wood Amulets; the game will not appreciate it.

    And something about namecheats. I found the operation in script, responsible for the 108 Lunchboxes namecheat, b…

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  • Hgdagon

    Gym floor texture

    December 13, 2015 by Hgdagon

    I've learned a new technique for creating wood texture, which is gonna be extremely useful, since there's one hell of a lot of wood in Whiteday textures. And, as lame as I am, I thought showing a new texture would be nice for first blog post.

    So, without further ado, here it is (yes, I know the lines are missing):

    Keep in mind, that this is still wip. I'll try to add more detail, and, of course, the lines (how are those lines called, anyway?)

    I'll probably remake the blue door with this new technique. Here's what the blue door looks like now:

    It doesn't really look like wood yet....

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  • JacobMrox

    Moved to forum, here >>Click to move to new thread

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