Cassette Tape or Audio Tape, also known as Backmasked Tape ( Remake ) is an item in White Day: ALNS And Remake.

Over View

It is found in the Faculty Office 2, 2nd floor of the Main Building Sections 2. Something's been recorded on this tape. But its recording is backwards and indecipherable.

This tape can be decrypted in the New Building.
You need to acquire the Drive Belt at the New Building.

In the Remake, If you put the tape on the Complain Box ( 연두 신문고 : Yeondu Sinmungo[1] ) in the 4th floor of the New Building, you can play to a Tuberose ending : Seong-ah's Happy Ending.
( But, if you Select positive replies to Seong-ah, You can play a Tuberose ending. Otherwise, you can play the Ebony ending : Normal ending)

Further Notes



  1. Sinmungo's description in English-Korean dictionary
    Sinmungo is still used today to refer to any system whereby ordinary citizens can appeal directly to higher authorities to act on their grievances.