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List of official and unofficial Cheats, glitches and tips for White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.

Player Name CheatEdit

In the Original game, You can freely enter the name.
But It only responds to the Korean letter, so all English text is not applied.
(Just answer as "What a funny name!...".)

  • If you start the game and you enter the particular name
    '노에라'( Family Name : 노, Given Name : 에라
    / it is White Day: A Labyrinth Named School's lead programmer's nickname, noerror ),
    you can gets 108 free Lunch Boxes.(In-game show 99 pieces)
  • If you enter a specific name, Reaction of Seong-ah is Changed.
    • Enter the Name of the Developers(Man) - "Oh, It is similar to the man name that I know."
    • Enter the Name of the Developers(Woman) & Voice actress or One of the Female Korean Celebrities of at the time - "Oh, It is similar to the Woman name that I know."
    • Enter the Funny Name - "What a funny name!... Oh, Sorry."
    • Enter the Name of three heroines - "Are you kidding me?"

Vending Machine CheatsEdit


Trapped JanitorEdit

Sometimes the janitor can get stuck in Main Building 2 between opened restroom doors (the outside doors).

So-young spawned and no Janitor in Main Building 2Edit

It is possible to purposely glitch the game during the Main Building 2 chapter, simply enable the console mode and use the "NOCLIP ON" command to go through the principal office, watch the camera footage where the janitor hides the key but do not go inside to take the key yet, instead turn off no clip, go to the "Teacher's Lounge" on 2F, NOCLIP through the door and the cutscene with So-young and Ji-hyeon will activate, now go back and take the key on 1F and So-young will be always there in this chapter, Bong-gu won't spawn either.


  • For the original game, the Janitors are very annoying and always come at you as long as you make a simple noise, it is best to get the Sanitary Gloves in Main Building 2, which is the only way to knock them off for a short time.
  • It is best to only make the clay model when the giant baby attack from the art storage room as the Janitor won't be able to spawn, but do it fast especially in Real Mode (as there is a time limit).

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