Clay Doll (or Soil Doll) is an item in White Day: ALNS And White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).
In the Remake, it named Dry Clay Doll
(Hangul: 건조된 흙인형 / Official Korean name : 미완성 상태의 흙인형(Unfinished state Clay Doll) ).


It is found in the Lost & Found Room at the 2nd floor of the Main Building Sections 2.
The method of "how to make a Clay Doll" is written in a document called the "Art Mid-Term Exam Guide (or Art Skill Guide)".

Further Notes

  • In the remake, it can be acquired after encounter of Diary Keeper's Baby.
  • In the remake, Clay Doll making process is reduced than Original ver.
  • Clay Doll is distinguished in all Four states in Origianl ver.
    ( [Unfinished] Clay Doll / Cooled Clay Doll / Heated Clay Doll / Finished Clay Doll )
    and In the remake ver, It is distinguished in all Three states.
    ( Dry Clay Doll / Fired Clay Doll / Finished Clay Doll )