Wday001 English Cleaner's Memo

The memo in Class 2-6, Main Building of Yeondu High School.

See also: A Note from the Class President

Also known as Cleaner's Memo (Hangul: 청소 주번의 쪽지 Literally: "A Note from Weekly duty of Cleaning") is a note in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.
It details information about the location of the Chemical Solvent.


It is found in the first area of the game, specifically Class 2-6, in Main Building 1 of Yeondu High School.


Cleaner's Memo

Kim Byeong-tae!
The garden rake has been confiscated by Hak-ju, a student dean!

I can't rake the school grounds anymore because of you! What's worse, all the trees have died because you didn't water them last week! I'll make you regret your selfishness tomorrow!

If you've the spirit go to the safe in the P.E. storage room and take my rake back!

I overheard from the students that Hak-ju has a very bad memory, so he remembers the combination lock for the safe using the number of balls in each basket.

청소 주번의 쪽지


김학주한테 바닥청소용제 압수당했다.

니가 지난주에 화단에 뿌린 일땜에 나무들이 다죽어서 열받았나봐.

너땜에 난 청소도 못하고 간다. 너 내일 각오해라.

깡있으면 니가직접 체육창고 금고 에서 꺼내놓던가.

애들이 그러는데 김학주는 건망증이 심해서 공 갯수로 금고 비밀번호를 정해놓는대.

Further Note

  • In the Original, This note name is Cleaner's Memo ( 청소 주번의 쪽지 [ A Note from Weekly duty of Cleaning ] ) but in the Remake It's been renamed to A Note from the Class President ( 반장의 쪽지 ).
  • The hint of the Safe puzzle is written in this note.