Coffee Cans (Hangul: 캔 커피) or Canned Coffee, is a health recovery item that can be bought at Vending Machines that sell them around Yeondu High School.


When used, a coffee can will slightly increase
(maybe 10%) of your Health condition.

But drinking more than four cans, will make the heart beat faster and any more coffee drinking can cause dizziness.
So it is useful for obtaining a sanitary gloves (you can get it from the Mannequin when dizziness appears).

It can enhance the relationship points with So-yeong.
(Give her a Canned Coffee in the New Building.)


It can be bought at any Vending Machines in the remake.

Unlike the original ver, The coffee can will restore your health condition more than Soybean Milk.
However, as with the original version, four or more consecutive use can cause dizziness.

Further NotesEdit


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