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Console Mode interface (GUI).

"Welcome to WangReal World"
— Console Mode welcome message.

The Console mode commands are intended to be used in the console mode of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2001), The commands are in Korean and must be used as is, this was intended for developers but may be used for debugging (testing) or cheating.[1] The console cannot be normally used in normal release of White Day, however, by using special DLL files and an EXE file that were packaged with a magazine bundle of the game, players can enable the console mode.

Hot Keys

  • ~ : Open the console
  • Number 2 : Heal
  • Number 5 : Quick save
  • F11 : NOCLIP on / off
  • Q ( While NOCLIP is on ) : Go up
  • E ( While NOCLIP is on ) : Go down
  • B ( Keep pressing ) : Time flows slower.
  • N ( Keep pressing ) : Time flows faster.


Command Usage Effect
머거.Item name + number Example
머거.동전 99 Will give you 99 Coins
Command Effect
머거.동전 Coin
머거.자판기열쇠 P's Vending Machine Key
머거.사인펜 Pen
머거.미술실열쇠 Art Room Key
머거.화학용제 Chemical Solvent
머거.금의조각 Amulet of Iron
머거.목의조각 Amulet of Tree
머거.화의조각 Amulet of Fire
머거.수의조각 Amulet of Water
머거.토의조각 Amulet of Soil
머거.니퍼 Wire Cutters
머거.벨브손잡이 Valve Handle
머거.군토우 Finished Soil Doll
머거.안군토우 Soil Doll
머거.도시락 Lunch Box
머거.열쇠뺀시디 CD(Not attached key)
머거.캔커피 Coffee Cans
머거.테이프 Cassette Tape
머거.콩의눈 Soybean Milk
머거.리모콘 Remote Control
머거.구급상자 First Aid Kit
머거.소영다이어리 So-yeong's Diary
머거.본관1지도 Main Building 1 Map
머거.고무벨트 Recording Belt
머거.본관2지도 Main Building 2 Map
머거.퓨즈 Fuse
머거.신관지도 New Building Map
머거.비디오테이프 Videotape
머거.강당지도 Lecture Hall Map
머거.A형소화기 Type-A Fire Extinguisher
머거.B형소화기 Type-B Fire Extinguisher
머거.C형소화기 Type-C Fire Extinguisher
머거.나침반 Compass
머거.마스터키 Classroom Master Key
머거.카드키_황 Card key(Yellow)
머거.카드키_적 Card key(Red)
머거.카드키_청 Card key(Blue)
머거.과학실열쇠 Science Lab Key
머거.성냥 Match
머거.학생부열쇠 Student Department Key
머거.엠피맨 Torres MP3 Player
머거.교무실열쇠 Teacher's Lounge Key
머거.라이터 Lighter
머거.흰색장갑 Sanitary Gloves
머거.가정실습실열쇠 Home Economics Classroom Key
머거.렌턴 Flashlight
머거.태극패 Plate Taegeuk
머거.다우징 L-Rods
머거.수위변장키트 Janitor Disguise Kit
머거.스프레이 Self Protection Spray (Pepper Spray)
머거.전기충격기 Taser
머거.남샤워실열쇠 Boys' Shower Room Key
머거.남자탈의실라커열쇠 A Locker Key of the Boys' Changing Room
머거.열쇠9 Boys' Changing Room Key
머거.양초 Candle
머거.드링크 Medicine (Drink)
머거.반창고 First-Aid Bandage
머거.소방장치레버 Fire Extinguisher Lever
머거.방화셔터열쇠 Fire Shutter Key
머거.여샤워실열쇠 Girls' Shower Room Key
머거.소영이의목걸이 So-yeong's Locket Necklace
머거.악튜러스 Arcturus
머거.강철제국 Steel Empire
머거.포가튼사가 Forgotten Saga
머거.다크사이드 Dark Side Story
머거.어스토니시아 Astonishia Story Re-Packaged
머거.악튜러스한정 Arcturus Limited Edition
머거.어스토니시아스토리 Astonishia Story
머거.강철제국대만 Steel Empire Taiwan Edition
머거.포가튼퍼펙가이드 Forgotten Saga Plus Package
머거.포가튼사가저가 Forgotten Saga Cheaper Edition
NOCLIP ON No clip on
NOCLIP No clip off
BSPMODE 0 Normal map
BSPMODE 1 Bright map
BSPMODE 2 Untexture texture
BSPMODE 3 Wireframe mode
BSPMODE 4 Very bright map
BSPMODE 5 Tired state
BSPMODE 6 Very bright map + Tired state ( 4 + 5 )

Other notes

  • You can also use 먹어 Instead of 머거.
  • 먹어, 머거 (meo-geo) Means eat.
  • You can also use console command in Ghost school tragedy leaked demo. NOCLIP, BSPMODE 0 ~ 3, etc.
  • Use the console mode / commands if you get stuck or find the game too hard or if you encounter several bugs in the Unnamed patch.