Diary Keeper's Baby, also known as Baby ghost (아기 귀신) or The Baby's Soul is a ghost encountered in the Art Supplies Room on the 4th floor of the Main Building, Section 2 of Yeondu High School.


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It appears in the Art Supplies Room. There is a certain point in the game, where you will hear the distant cries of a baby. And along with these cries follow rumbling quakes that shake the entire school of Main building, Section 2.

Once you progress through enough, you will eventually find a Diary and a Clay Doll in the shape of a mother in a room full of boxes of "Lost Property". The diary details the story of a young girl and her "boyfriend".

The boyfriend and her are "in love" but this seems to be false as the diary entries show that the girl is growing lonely and sad by the fact that the boyfriend is never there for her.
Though it is never explained, the girl is eventually pregnant with the male's baby. Although in fear of what the boyfriend might say, she seemingly tells him about her pregnancy.
Alas, her fears strike true, and the baby is told to be aborted. With her last entry, she resolves that she will keep the baby and protect it no matter what, forever and ever.

(Requires more info, but known information will be placed)

When the baby is triggered. You will be on a time limit to complete the puzzle, or have the entire building collapse from the weight and power of the baby; resulting in Yew (death).

The main puzzle consists of having the Clay Doll (Mother) being baked repeatedly in an oven and cooled/hardened in a sink and then reuniting it with the gigantic baby. Once completed, you will hear the baby's laughter and a happy clay child and mother figure holding hands on the ground. This is also where you will obtain the next Amulets to proceed on with the game.


Baby event

Cut-scene: The Baby's Soul appearing in Lost & Found Room


Some new events and scenes were added, for instance a baby appears in the Hallway of 1st floor, Main Building, Section 2.
Some information has being edited ( [Ex] Boyfriend : Student (presumption) -> Teacher).
The Diary's Location & name is Altered.
( Lost & Found Room -> Art Supplies Room, The Masterless Diary -> Ownerless Diary ).