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This article is about difficulty settings found in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School and it's Remake.



Original (Fan Translation Patch)

There are multiple game modes to choose from that change the difficulty of the game.

  • Very Easy (Wang Easy)
    • Easier with the fewest scares
    • Haunted Head Ghost removed
    • Brightness increased
    • Plentiful items
    • Mobile Phone hints
    • Janitor's AI is less intelligent
    • Some endings are unattainable
    • Almost Infinite stamina
  • Easy
    • Easier with fewer scares
    • Haunted Head Ghost removed
    • Brightness slightly increased
    • Janitor is slightly more intelligent
    • Some endings are unattainable
    • Mobile Phone hints
    • No dizziness
  • Normal
  • Hard (Available upon completion of Normal mode)
    • More difficult
    • Ghosts are more restless
    • Map is much darker
    • Janitor can kill you in fewer hits
    • No pen (No saving)
    • Much easier to run out of stamina
    • Fewer coins
    • Fewer health items
    • Time limit ( Two in-game hours [real time] )
    • Janitor's AI is very intelligent
  • Real (Wang Real) (Available upon completion of Normal mode)
    • Most difficult with the greatest amount of scares
    • A black fog is present, which inhibits player visibility
    • Time limit ( Two in-game hours [real time] )
    • No pen (No saving)
    • No Janitor's Cooldown time
    • (Most other Hard mode features apply here)



Remake - Mobile Ver. (Korean)

Choose the difficulty level Menu (English)


  • Very Easy [ Wang Easy ]
    • This is suitable for people who want enjoy the game without much difficulty.
    • You can run away from janitor more easily compared to the other difficulties.
  • Easy
    • Less thrills, but more easy to play.
    • You can receive phone messages as hints
  • Normal
    • A balanced difficulty.
    • You can solve a hidden puzzles and collect ghost stories.
  • Hard
    • You can enjoy the thrills of the game in a harder difficulty.
    • You can encounter the hidden ghosts in school
  • Hell [ Wang(King) Real ]
    • There are no saves, but a pen is provided as an opportunity to retry when the game is over)
    • Improvement of Janitors AI compared to hard mode)
    • Hidden items appeared
    • Janitors notification icons do not appear.
    • Beacons for Items do not appear
    • Collection Items for Special Costumes.


  • As the difficulty increases, the damage you receive increases, brightness decreases, ghosts and janitors become more intelligent, and the chance of heart rate increases.
  • In "Hard" and "Real" difficulties, you cannot save the game, as you cannot obtain the marker pens. In the remake you can save the game during any difficulty.
  • "Hard" and "Real" difficulties give the player a 2-hour time limit to complete the game. If the time limit runs out, the player loses. In the remake there is no time limit for the harder difficulties.
  • In "Very Easy" and "Easy" difficulties, you cannot obtain the Sanitary Gloves, since your heart rate will not increase.
  • In "Very Easy" and "Easy" difficulties, you can obtain hints by receiving SMS messages on your cell phone.
  • Originally only "Very Easy", "Easy" and "Normal" are available from the start. To unlock "Hard" and "Real" the player has to complete the game once/on "Normal". A patch enables all 5 difficulties to be available from the start.


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