The Doppelgänger (Hangul: 도플 갱어) also known as "The Me in the mirror" (거울 속의 나) is a ghost encountered in the Dance Studio on the 1st floor in the Main hall of the New Building of Yeondu High School.


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"You are going to help me out!"
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It is encountered by Lee Hui-min in 2001 and initially presumed to be a mere reflection of Hui-min, he begins to see through its facade when equipping a light source, seeing the Red Keycard on the opposite, and more overtly when Hui-min inserts the CD into the stereo. Hui-min manages to defeat the ghost by placing the speakers correctly which causes a "possibly" high pitched noise that enrages the ghost and causes him to break through the mirror, disappearing.


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After inserting the CD, a boss battle with the ghost proceeds, with Hui-min required to place both speakers in the opposite position in front of the mirror that separates the two. When both are in place the mirror breaks and the ghost jumps through and disappears.

However, during the fight, the doppelgänger uses energy attacks to impede the player's progress. He throws an energy ball at the player, grabs the players with energy and pulls him toward the mirror, slams his head against the wall to cause unavoidable damage, or uses shockwaves to hit the player from distance.

When defeated, the player is now able to use the Red Keycard to enter corresponding red doors in the New Building.


Game play is similar to the original ver. However there is a time limit in remake version and have to move the speakers several times to completely break the mirror.

In the PC/PS4 ver, the attack effect becomes more intense. so his attack could cause the stereo speakers to get out of correct position or be thrown.