For the deleted Ghost from the original game, see Mi-suk.

"Ready or not... Here I come."
— Eun-ah

Eun-ah (은아) also known as "The Girl with a Hidden Face " is a girl student who had her face accidentally burned by chemicals in Yeondu High School.

As a result she committed suicide and became a Ghost, making her appearance during the Yeondu High School Paranormal Incident.


She appears in the Music Appreciation Room at the New Building, instead of the Spider Ghost from the Original White Day.
She is sitting on a chair, doing nothing.If you go near her, she will stand up, and an event starts.
If you have a Yin-Yang token, She will sing "The Roses of Sharon Have Blossomed" in Korean "(Hangul: 무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 ; RRmu-gung-hwa kkoch-i pieossseub nida) or "Ready or not, here I come" in English.
"[note 1]
Beating her is similar to beating the Spider Ghost, You have to find her and reflect the Yin-Yang token on her before she turns her head. Her speaking speed will be getting faster and faster; until she turns her head.

In the PC/ PS4 version, When you get attacked by her, you drop the Yin-Yang token on the floor. And Unlike the Mobile version, the number of times the player has to attack her is increased.

If you go near her without the Yin-Yang token, the room was covered in complete darkness and you can't leave the room.
If you turn on the lighter in such a situation, you will be immediately under attack and the game will be over.

The Ghost Story

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Other Notes

Reversed ghost

Reversed ghost in blood festival trailer

  • She does not appear in the original game but a ghost matching the ghost story description appeared in a trailer for the prototype version of the first game, in which people thought it's "The Reversed Ghost" known as Mi-suk; whom were cut from the final game. Her remake appearance is similar to that Trailer, Implying further that it is her.
  • "무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 / mu-gung-hwa kkoch-i pieossseub nida" (The Roses of Sharon have blossomed" Is a typical asian game that children play, where the person singing this will sing repeatedly faster and faster and eventually turns his head, the person seen first loses.
  • In remake version, The Reversed Ghost, Mi-suk has been renamed to Eun-ah, but there is still a girl who is named Mi-suk in The Lost Face, in that version Mi-suk is the one that attacked Eun-ah's face.




  1. "무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다" means "The roses of Sharon have blossomed." and it's a korean amusement. It's like "Statues" from the US and "Grandmother's footsteps" from the UK.