Face Filled with Hatred is the ghost of girl student that died in Yeondu High School and became a ghost afterwards that was trapped by the Amulets like the others, her presence became prominent during the Yeondu High School Paranormal Incident in 2001.


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※ It is possible to encounter this ghost on hard mode or above.

Her name is Yeong-hee as mentioned in School Ghost Stories (17).


  • She appears in all Bathroom at Main building Section 1. ( except Girl's Bathroom at 1st floor )
  • You must go into the innermost toilet cubicles where cubicle doors can be interactable, and Seeing a gap between the door and the floor.
  • If you look at the gap between the door and the floor, you will hear a sound about 10 seconds later.

Further Notes

  • She is a new ghost exclusive to the the remake ver. It is assumed to be the spirit of a student once known as "Yeong-hee" and she moves by jumping the floors in a head-stand pose.
  • The original form and inspiration of this ghost is the head-stand ghost (known as 콩콩 귀신 [Kongkong Gwishin] in Korean ) which is from one of the famous ghost stories spread in Korea in the 1990s.