Fire Axe (Hangul: 소방용 도끼 ) was an item that appeared in a prototype version of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School and was scrapped in the final for unknown reasons. The item however can still be accessed by means of modifications or hacking with no further usage.


"소화전에서 얻은 소화작업용 도끼. 날이 무뎌서 이대로는 사용할 수 없다. 열번 찍어 안 넘어가는 여자도 있다."
— Examine Text
"Fire extinguishing axe obtained from the fire hydrant. Can not use this because of the dull blade. There is woman who is not fooled by ten times picking up."
— Translation of Examine Text

The exact usage of this item is unknown. In the released screenshot it is shown in the inventory, opened in a room where Mi-suk is sitting still in a class and Hui-min asking her "What are you doing here?"

Further notes

  • Some people speculated that the usage of this item would be as a melee weapon, possibly used to knock out Mi-suk though it's a mere speculation and nothing more.
  • A heavily altered model version is available in the final version in the form of unused data, there are two textures for it, one with a dull / rusty / damaged blade and one with a sharp and clean blade.