Fire Extinguishers (Hangul: 소화기) are equipable items in White Day: ALNS and Remake.
They are used to extinguish the fires in the Gym of Yeondu High School.


There are three fire extinguisher types found in the game.

Type A (A형 소화기)

Fire A

Fire Extinguisher Type A (Remake)

  • Found on the rear of the hall.
  • Can be used to extinguish general fire.

Type B (B형 소화기)

Fire B

Fire Extinguisher Type B (Remake)

  • Found in the Boy's Locker Room.
  • Can be used to extinguish oil fire.

Type C (C형 소화기)

Fire C

Fire Extinguisher Type C (Remake)

  • Found in the Girl's Locker Room.
  • Can be used to extinguish an electrical fire.


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