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Fire Safety Inspection Result is a document White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).
It details the info of Fire Extinguishers & Valve Handle.

It is exclusive to the remake version.


It is found in Projection Booth on the 2nd floor of Auditorium of Yeondu High School.



Fire Safety Inspection Result

Inspection Location: Yeondu High School's Auditorium
Inspection Date: 03-10-2001

Placement of Fire Extinguishers (Total of 3)

Fire Extinguisher, Type-A: At the back of the Auditorium.
Fire Extinguisher, Type-B: Boy's Locker Room, 1st Floor
Fire Extinguisher, Type-C: Girl's Locker Room, 1st Floor

Sprinkler Maintenance Inspection: Some pipes are leaking

The sprinkler pipe in the green room is leaking and is under repair.
The valve handle to the storage room until the repair is complete.

소방 시설 점검 결과

점검 대상 : 연두고교 강당
점검 일자 : 2001. 3. 10.

소화기 비치 현황 (총 3개)

A형 소화기 : 강당 중앙 홀 뒤쪽
B형 소화기 : 1층 남자 탈의실
C형 소화기 : 1층 여자 탈의실

스프링클러 장비 점검 결과 : 일부 배관에서 누수 발생

무대 대기실의 스프링클러 배관에 누수가 발생하여 후속 조치 중입니다.
수리가 완료될 때까지 스프링클러의 밸브 손잡이는 창고에 임시 보관해 둘 예정입니다.

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