Fire Shutter Key (Hangul: 방화셔터 열쇠) is a scrapped/removed Key item in the final.

Over View

Like the other removed items, it cannot be found in any buildings and it can only be added through the use of Console Commands.

It is used to open the door of Fire Shutter in the part of stair at the Main Building.

But, it doesn't actually work. Assuming using this key will lead to the basement (or 3rd floor of Main Building 1, ) but it didn't make it to the final. This, however, is unlikely.

The description of the item meant that the key was supposed to unlock the fire shutter door (not referring to the fire shutter).

If you look closer at the fire shutter door knob, you can see there is a key hole.

Further Note

  • Looking at the scripts, it was supposed to be found in one of the desks drawers.
  • There's an old teaser video showing this item but it was eventually deleted soon.