Glowstick (Hangul: 야광스틱) (Mistranslated as Luminous Stick or Illuminated Stick), is a removed equipable item from White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2001). It was present in the Prototype Version of the game. It was originally supposed to be the only light source item. Reason for removal is unknown.


When first used, the Glowstick produces a faint green light, barely visible when you get close to the wall.

Unlike any of the three equipable light sources, this item produces better light if it's closer to an object or the wall but will run out faster.

Despite being removed, several fan patches (from Koreans) brought the item back into the game.


Data mining

Digging through the data, it's revealed that the glowstick can be charged for better light by placing it on the photocopier and operating the machine.

The item seems to produce brighter light in lit areas but run out fast if in a dark area, making this light equipable item harder to use.

Despite being removed in the final game, its functionality (WObjLumStick) still works but produces a faint noticeable light if shone in dark areas, making it harder to see for some objects like the desk or the photocopier. Commanding the function to execute bright light or adding another same function will help the visibility but does not solve the situation.

It is assumed that the glowstick was removed at some point during the final White Day development phase, when Matches, Lighter and Flashlight were proposed.