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Hak-ju (Hangul학주 ) is a teacher in Yeondu High School.

Hak-ju is an abbreviation for 'Haksang juim' (Hangul학생주임 )'.

The Korean word "Hak-ju" is translated as "The chief teacher of student management".

He or she is mentioned in Cleaner's Memo and A Note from the Class President but his or her name is not mentioned in the document.

Generally, men are charged with this position.

In the original game ver, his or her family name is mentioned in the document as "Kim".


At some point in 2001, Kim Byeong-tae was playing around with a Student's Chemical Solvent and accidently spilled it over the garden which killed the trees, as a result Hak-ju confiscated his Chemical Solvent and locked it, the student left a note for Byeong-tae to get it back although Lee Hui-min managed to get it in March 14th 2001 in order to kill The Tree Ghost.

Hak-ju apparently has very bad memory and uses his medals to remember the passcode for the safe-lock.

Further Notes

  • Kim Hak-ju is just a tentative name as "Hak-ju" is translated as "The chief teacher of student management" and is not an actual name.
  • In the original version Kim Byeong-tae was playing with a rake which was confiscated as a result and the cleaner wasn't able to water the trees which died out, indirectly related to the chemical solvent you get.
  • In the original version, he remembers his passcode via the number of balls in each basket, which is rather confusing for a forgetful person, this was changed to medals in the remake.