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Heaven's Mandate Scroll or Chaotic (Hangul제부경 ) is a note White Day: A Labyrinth Named School and Remake.
It details the instructions of The method to get an item that can defeat the Mermaid ( Water Demon in the Original ).


It is found in Occult Club on the 1st floor of New Building of Yeondu High School.




...Chaos is at the climax. There is disorder because at each town, the time for rising sun and moon is different.

At the moment, true person is appeared and set one hour to one and will get the new ball that ables to across the dark river.


Chaos is at the climax. The clocks of
each country in the world are different,
and have been set wrong. This is an

Those who set the clocks correctly will
be given the appropriate equipment to
cross the rooftop waters.


... 혼란은 극에 달해 각 나라의 도읍마다
해와 달이 뜨는 시간이 달라져 아수라장이 벌어진다.

이때 진인이 나타나 각각의 시간을 하나의 기준으로 맞추니,
어두운 강을 건널수 있는 신구를 얻게되리라.


Heaven's Mandate Scroll chaos blooms, the rise of the sun and moon will become
different for each country and panic will ensue.

In the mist of all this, a true man shall come forth
to set each time under a single standard.
Only then will the dark river be crossed and the sacred object be attained.


.. 때문에 혼란은 극에 달해 각 나라 도읍마다
해와 달이 뜨는 시각이 달라져 아수라장이 벌어진다.

이때 진인이 나타나 각각의 시간을 하나의 기준으로 맞추니,
곧 어두운 강을 건널 수 있는 신구를 얻게 되리라..

Further Notes

  • In the Korean ver, this document has a title reminiscent to the ancient oriental documents.