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Installation Engineer's Note ( or Main Building's Warning Notice in Origianl ver. ) is a note White Day: A Labyrinth Named School and Remake.
It details the instructions about Switchboard in the Workshop (Machine Room).

Because the original and the remake's Puzzle is different, So was the content of the document has changed.


It is found in Workshop (Machine Room) on the first floor of Main Building, Section 1.




This machine activates when excessive electricity flows.

To stop it, the flow has to be blocked using the Switchboard to the right.

However, be careful, the current Switchboards switches and the real wires are not the same.


본 기기는 과부하등의 이유로 이상전류가 흐를때 작동합니다. 본 기기의 작동을 멈추려면 배전반을 조작해 전류를 차단해야 합니다.

그러나 현재 지금 배전반의 스위치와 실제배선이 일치하고 있지 않으므로 유의하시기 바랍니다.


Installation Engineer's Note

The per-existing wiring is twisted and the metal wire are seriously corroded; it will take a few more days to fix this mess.

The cause of the corrosion is unknown.

If the corrosion leads to an overload, thus triggering the alarm to go off, it can be shut down temporarily by connecting the 3rd and 4th sockets.

설비 기사의 메모

기존 배선이 내부에서 엉망으로 꼬여 있고, 금속선의 부식이 심각하여 작업에 시일이 더 걸릴 것으로 보임.

부식의 원인은 도무지 알 수 없음.

부식으로 인한 과부하 등이 발생해 사이렌이 울릴 경우, 3번 4번 소켓을 연결시키는 것으로 임시 차단할 수 있음.

Further Notes

  • In the Original, this note cannot be taken as it is attached to the equipment (You can only read it).