Investigation on the Yin-Yang Token (2) is a document exclusively found in the remake of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.
It details the Yin-Yang Token (Plate Taegeuk).


It is found in Librabry 2 on the 4th floor of New Building of the Yeondu High School.


Investigation on the Yin-Yang Token (2)

More investigation is needed to confirm what actually happened, but…

I was locked in the dark due to the power outrage in the Music Appreciation room. When I started to lose my sense of direction and began to feel a short of chill.

I observed a bright light emitting from the bag with Yin-Yang Token in it.

I might have been seeing things from focusing too hard on the investigation, but it was nonetheless a magical experience.

태극패 조사 내용 (2)

어떤 현상이었는지에 대해서는 조사가 더 필요하겠지만...

음악 감상실이 정전이 되는 바람에 칠흑 같은 어둠 속에 갇혀 있었다. 서늘함이 느껴지며 방향감각마저 상실해 버릴 무렵, 태극패를 넣어 두었던 가방에서 강한 빛이 번쩍이는 것을 목격했다.

조사에 열중한 나머지 착각했을 수도 있겠지만, 신비한 경험이었다.

Further Notes