Janitor in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School is in charge of school's security & some light maintenance.


"Janitor" may refer to the following:

  • "Janitor" - A janitor (American English, Scottish English), custodian (British English), janitress (female), cleaner or caretaker is a person who cleans and maintains buildings such as hospitals, schools and residential accommodation. Janitors' primary responsibility is as a cleaner. In some cases they will also carry out maintenance and security duties.
  • In the White Day: A Labyrinth Named School, they carry out maintenance and security duties. But in the evening, they possessed to the ghost.
    • "Bong-gu" - Bong-gu is the janitor of Yeondu High School's Main Building. He is the first janitor encountered in White Day: ALNS and Remake.
    • "Dal-su" - Dal-su is the second Janitor at New Building, encountered in White Day: ALNS and Remake.
    • Detection range of Janitor is 180 degrees on the front.
      [ The range depends on the Difficulty level and It also detects up and down floor.]
    • If the player running within the detection range of the janitor, the janitor's becomes the Alert mode and it comes straight to the position where the last running was detected.
      Then, if the Janitor can't find the player, it's condition will becomes Patrol mode after 15 seconds.

Janitor's pattern

Janitor's pattern in the game

Janitor's pattern in the game ( in the Original ) (Korean)
Source : 'The Details Plan document of White Day:ALNS's Story mode (2001)' at the Slide Show file.

[Unusual situation inside the School] : This situation occurs when the door, fluorescent light, etc. is different from the initial situation. ( Door, fluorescent light, Flashlight etc. : The target of confirmation by Janitor )
[ That is turn on the fluorescent light, opened doors etc. ]
[Normal conditions inside the school] : Reverting to the initial situation from the Unusual situation. [ That is turn off the fluorescent light, closed doors etc. ]

  • Patrol mode : The general patrol situation of Janitor.
    • Patrol the designated course on foot
    • Check the [Unusual situation inside the School] - When found [Unusual situation], Change to the Alert mode.
      But If has too many [unusual situations] ( deliberately ), Janitors while maintaining the Patrol mode, and the return to [Normal conditions inside the school].
    • When the Janitors find a target, change to the [Chase mode].
  • Alert mode : When the target is not found, but detect the [Unusual situation] (or player's footsteps running Sound).
    • First, the Janitors walk up to the point of [Unusual situation] (or player's footsteps running Sound, loud sound, etc.) occurred.
    • Wandering close to a waypoint. And often turn his head to check the around.
    • Visible / audible range 150% improvement.
    • When the Janitors find a target, change to the [Chase mode].
    • Alert mode is turned off when 15 seconds has elapsed (after Go to the point of Unusual situation occurred and Looking around the point).
      When the mode change by detection of [Unusual situation], change the mode after return to [Normal conditions inside the school].
    • If the Haunted Head Ghost inflicts damage, the janitor comes straight to where the player suffered damage.
  • Chase mode : When Janitors found the target.
    • Janitor comes running toward to the target( Player or friends ).
    • The target comes within a certain distance, the Janitors attacked with a baseball bat.
    • It produces an unpleasant laugh.
    • If Janitors missed the target, return to the [Alert mode]
    • When a janitors came running, they must seen for a target.
    • When the player chased by the janitors, player can't 'No Save', 'Conversations with Characters' and 'Run of Some events'.
    • When the janitors to chased, [Unusual situation] is ignored.