Janitor Disguise Kit (Hangul: 수위변장키트 ) is a scrapped item that was left out of the final version of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.


  • Like the other removed leftover items, it cannot be found in any buildings and it can only be added through the use of Console Commands. It was supposed to be an unlockable item but it was removed for unknown reasons.
  • The kit includes Son Dal-su's cap, jacket, whistle and flashlight. The description (in korean) states that if worn, the player will be seen as a janitor in the eyes of others (possibly referring to the girls or other deleted cast characters) and would be able to talk to the janitors who are patrolling the school.[note 1]
  • Since it has no effects, it is highly assumed and speculated that wearing or using this would have prevented the player from being attacked by janitors and that during the cutscenes it would've showed the player in the janitor's outfit.




  1. 수위변장키트. 이 키트를 사용하면 다른 사람들의 눈에 수위의 모습으로 보이고 학교를 순찰 중인 수위와 대화를 나눌 수 있다.