"John: I don't really know what to call myself...

I'm just a guy who does computer related creative developer activities. I'm trying to run sort of small little company that does what people want, that we can do. With no charge, free. I'd say it's going pretty well, a steady 350 - 550 hits a day on our site seems too good to be true.

The projects I have the right at the utmost entirety to say I founded successfully are the following from most successful to least):

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School A strange project I started back in 02/06/12 and still am managing and keeping alive. This is the revamping, cleaning and translating of the 2001 Korean horror game "White Day: A Labyrinth Named School", by 'Sonnori' a Korean game developing company that disbanded due to financial issues around 2004.

I spent about a day looking for a secure download, 4 days trying to install it and get it working, and all the way up till I started this project, raging at how inhumanely disfigured and horrifically bugged it had become. The translation was horrible. I could see the potential behind this layer of crap, in this game. No wonder it had been forgotten by Korea since 2006 and completely unknown in Europe/USA.

So. I decided, for the very few fans of this game, and for the possible new fans on the way, that I would do something about it. I went through so many dodgy sources and talked to so many different people across the internet until I was linked to here:

A Korean blog with a guy who was still actively trying to keep White Day alive. I spoke to him and he gave me a file called "noppack.exe". An old tool used to create the cryptic file type used by White Day. Behold, the .NOP file... Anyway, this was no good at all because I couldn't actually get into White Day's contents. It was an PACKER, not an UNPACKER. I found a YouTuber by the name of Kitsune, who supplied the only version for English people (the same version that was unspeakably bad). But that wasn't his fault you see, he didn't make it. He found it from a Spanish blog that I can't hope to find now (they took down the link anyway, so it doesn't matter). Anyway, he somehow got a hold of the file from a long dead Korean website called "Sonnori's WhiteDay The Second Generation" (here), which I believe stop being active somewhere in 2007 or 2006.

So I got the nopunpack.exe and managed to open it up.

I spent around 4 - 6 months patching up this game and making it effortlessly easy to install, adding useful features, translating, eliminating bugs and building up awareness (it wasn't bloody easy, I can tell you that). I have finally almost come to a stop to where I want it. I am so glad this project turned out this great, with a whole new bunch of eager let's players playing this game. It is the most popular I had ever been on the internet :')"