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Kyoung-hee (Hangul경희 ; RRGyeong-hui) also known as The Library Ghost is the ghost of female student that died in Yeondu High School.


The Ghost Story

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※ She appears on Hard mode or higher.


She doesn't exist in the original game and is only mentioned in School Ghost Stories (10). However, this document isn't present in the game, only in the dummy data file.


She appears in the Reading Room of the 4th floor in the New Building.
When looking at the book on the table, she appears at the opposite side, smiles, then distorts her face to a horrifying grimace before attacking the player.

Appearance Conditions

Second grade

A Report Card (2nd in Class)

You need A Report Card (2nd in Class) to make her appear. It's in one cabinet of Main Building Area 1.

Further Notes

  • She is one of the new Ghosts exclusive to the Remake.
  • She moves with her elbows as she lacks a lower body.
  • There is a leftover 2d texture (like the other ghosts) in the original game, showing a girl with her chin over her hands on the table, which could be her.
  • Alternatively, her name can be written as "Kyung-hee" or "Kyeong-hee"
  • Her model is based on a ghost from a famous ghost story which circulated Korea during the 1990s.