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Lee In-hyup (Korean: 이인협, Alternate: Yi In-hyeop) is the first victim attacked/killed by the Janitor. His beat-up by Son Dal-su is the first thing witnessed by Hui-min from the ventilation shaft.


Nothing much is known about him except that he was in the school at the night of 13th, March 2001. In-hyup is a third year (senior) student.

It is generally assumed that he was also there to put a white day gift or candy for one of the girls since according to Seol Ji-hyeon, not many kids/boys did this at that time. He would've been possibly the other guy who would have done that aside from Lee Hui-min.

It's unknown what happens to him after being beaten by Dal-su, he is either knocked out or dead, but the former makes more sense according to Ripped piece of diary, since the possessed janitors are supposed to prevent people from coming in at night.

Further notesEdit

  • Originally in the second prototype version, In-hyup was supposed to have a bigger role, as implied by screenshots of that build of the game.[citation needed]
  • Again, since he does not have a big role; his name is only known via the beta version of the game; White Day: Blood Festival.
  • He also appears in Demo of third prototype version.
  • In the original ver, his name is not known.
    In the file, he is written as "A Person who is attacked"
    In fact, the name Lee In-hyup was used in the second prototype version, and In the final version, only his modeling was reused.
  • In the remake he is known as Choi Yin-Hyeop[note 1]





  1. ChoiYinHyeop is his data file name

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