Magazine Pick-up Instructions (English School Document)

Magazine Pick-up Instructions is a document White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. It details the instructions for obtaining the Yeondu High School Maps.

It is exclusive to the remake version.


It is found on the bulletin board (save point) in the first area on the first floor of Main Building 1.


Magazine Pick-up Instructions

This is a notice from the student body.
If you haven't received the school magazine, please come pick up your copy at Junior Homeroom 6.
New and transfer students are especially encouraged to get a copy, as it contains information about the school and a school map.

교지 수령 방법

학생회에서 알립니다.
아직까지 학교 교지를 배부 받지 못 한 학생은 2학년 6반 교실에서 찾아가기 바랍니다.
특히, 이번 교지에는 학교 안내와 지도가 실려 있으니, 신입생 및 전학생 학우들께서는 꼭 확인하시고, 학교생활에 참고하시기 바랍니다.


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