A seemingly normal "Hot Coffee Cans" Vending machine on the fourth floor of Main Building 2
It is an easter egg in the game.


At first glance, this seems to be a normal Coffee Cans vending machine.

However, if the player attempts to purchase a can of coffee from it, the machine will begin to play music instead of producing coffee.
Next, if you select a button, lights underneath each button will start flickering around like a roulette wheel.

Then if a blue light stops on the button of your choice, you are returned quadruple the amount of coins you inserted. If a red light stops on the button of your choice, you are returned the same amount of coins you inserted.
But if none of the lights stopped on the button of your choice, you don't get anything.

The vending machine will only give out coins, it does not sell Coffee Cans. (It seems to be like a slot machine)
This device can hold up to six coins at a time.(You can't put more than 6 coins at a time.)
There is a fixed amount of times that this machine can be used. When it exceeds that amount, the machine breaks.

In easy mode and Wang Easy (Very Easy) modes, good timing results in a higher chance of getting a blue light. But In normal mode, or higher, the lights are displayed more randomly.


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