The Mannequin is an anatomical human-like doll (Statue/Mannequin) that used for Anatomy studies. It is found in the The Biology Lab on the fourth floor of the 2nd Section of Main building in Yeondu High School.


At first glance, it seems like a normal mannequin. If you become tired from sprinting or crouching too much the mannequin will start walking towards you until you're not tired anymore and then it will appear back where it started. The mannequin is also the holder of the Sanitary Gloves.

To get the Sanitary Gloves, you just need to exhaust yourself completely (via crouching a lot or sprinting) to make the mannequin move towards you and it will eventually drop the gloves out of its anus for you to pick up. This also hints at how you use the gloves as well.

It is not known if the animating Mannequin is actually a hallucination caused by exhaustion or actually possessed by a spirit/ghost, but it is assumed to be the latter or both.


※ It's appears on Hard mode or higher. In PS4/PC version, it's possible in Super Easy Mode or more.

The Sanitary Gloves have been removed from the game. Instead, there is an alcohol lamp on the table in front of the mannequin.

If the alcohol lamp is lit and you're dizzy from lack of breath, the mannequin will start walking towards you until the alcohol lamp is turned off. You have to run around the room to avoid his attack.

If you succeeded twice, it will be added in the ghost collection.

In the PS4/PC version, you only need to succeed once. And it also appears in Science Lab and Nurse's Office but it disappears when you go outside of a certain range (but not on the Biology Lab).

The Ghost Story

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Added document in The remake ver.

Other Notes

  • There is a notable bug where the mannequin wont stop chasing the player. This is only present in White day (ALNS) Original.