For original game version, see Water Demon.

Mermaid (Hangul인어 ; RRin-eo) is a Ghost encountered on the Rooftop ( Swimming pool ) of the New Building of Yeondu High School.

In the remake, her official name is The Shadow in the Water


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Judging by the ghost story, it is believed that this is the spirit of "D" Dominating the swimming pool. "D" was a female student who was bullied by a certain boy and died in an accident caused by the bully, who covered up his crime by chopping her body to pieces and feeding it to a fish in the pond. It's also possible that her spirit merged with the fish thus creating a female human/fish hybrid, which appears during the rainy days in the swimming pool of the New Building, according to the ghost story.


The Mermaid dominates the swimming pool that is located on the rooftop of the New Building.

You need to use the L-Rods to be able to cross this Area safely. If the L-rods don't make an "X" shape, then you can walk over the water. If they do make an "X" shape, then you should not pass and turn around. If you continue onward after the "X" has formed, you will fall into the water and the mermaid will draw you to her, and you will have to resist it by pressing buttons quickly.



After you cross the pool, you can turn off the valve.

If you fall in the water, the ghost in the water pulls the main character to the bottom of the pool. At this point, if you don't enter a QTE, the main character dies.

In the PC / PS4 Ver, When a Mermaid passes under the user or very close, the Mermaid suddenly attacks the user and drops it into the pool.

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