Mobile Phone or Text Message is gameplay element feature in White Day: ALNS And White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).

It is available only in Easy mode and Very Easy (Wang Easy) Mode.


Mobile Phone is item that help to players in the game. It gives hint messages on the game to help the players.

In the remake ver, the first message appears across all modes, but other messages are received only in Easy Mode and Very Easy (Wang Easy) Mode.
And if you play the 'Yoo Ji-min' route in the PC/PS4 remake ver, You can see the text messages related to 'Yoo Ji-min'.

Further Notes

  • In the remake the brand of the phone is "Speed 007", a fictional brand ( A parody of Speed 011. ), while in the original 2001 game it is a brand-less old style black and white phone.
  • It is made clear that the phone is "Out of service" so making a phone call is impossible without coverage, despite that, you can still receive messages in easy mode.
  • Orignally, the phone was supposed to be a item and has a model as it is shown in one of the blood festival images.
  • The Original ver's phone uses bar type.