Morse Code Chart is an item in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake).
The Chart has written the Morse code indicating from 0 to 9.


It is found in the box for Counseling in front of the 2-2, Main Building Section 1. ( Combined Small Key is required )


If you get it, you can find out the box's password at Music Appreciation Room wall of the New Building.

A hint for the box's password can be inferred from the Note in the Music Room of the Main Building Section 2.

Looking at the movement of the pendulum of metronome and understand Morse code.
[ The quick movement of the pendulum represents a dot and The slowly movement of the pendulum represents a dash ]

Metronome is in the Music Supplies Room, Main Building Section 2.
You can get a total of 21 dots or dashes in metronome. ( The Final movement represents the end )

In the Music Appreciation Room's box, you can acquire the School Ghost Stories (9).


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