Na-hyae (Hangul나혜 ; Alternate spellings: Na-hye), is a student that used to attend Yeondu High School before dying and becoming a mere ghost also known as "The child who is solving a problem" (문제 푸는 아이) in the remake.


Main article: The Unsolvable Math Problem - School Ghost Stories (11)



  • She has a texture that was found hidden in the game, however she is not seen in-game at any point. Only the sound of writing on the chalkboards around the school can be heard.


※ She appears on Hard mode or higher.

  • Na-hyae makes a full appearance in which she is seen writing on the chalkboard, trying to solve the math problem.
  • Ghost stories has changed in remake. Title has changed from "The Impossible Math Problem" (풀리지 않는 수학문제), to "The Math Problem Which is Solved Wrong" (잘 못 푼 수학문제) and it explains that she was top student, and she killed herself because of the shame.
  • She appears to be writing on the chalkboard at Specific Classroom ( 2-7 ) and suddenly she might stop still, but with her hand still on the board. However, when approached she turns her heads to the player revealing that she had her eyes gouged and she yells something in Korean (내 눈이! / My eyes!) before disappearing.

Appearance ConditionsEdit

You need Bloody Workbook & Chalk for her appearance condition.
Bloody Workbook is on the table of the Reading Room at 4th floor, New Building.
And Chalk is on the desk of the Faculty Office 1 at 1st floor, Main Building Section 2


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