New Building Rooftop Key is an item in White Day: ALNS and Remake.


Using a New Building Rooftop Key, you can open the Rooftop's door ( Original: 3rd floor / Remake: 4th floor ) in the New Building.
( Go upstairs using the stairs near the passage connecting to Main Building, Section 2. )


It is located hanging on the light fixture in the Main hall of the New Building.

Further Notes

  • To acquire that Key, you should refer to the document ; New Building's Notice and Notice ("Hall Notice" in the Original)
  • The user must have a Blue Keycard to acquire this key.
  • According to a document, Student of the school hung the Key on the light fixture as a malicious prank.
  • In the PC/PS4 ver, the appearance of this key is different from the original or Mobile remake version.