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Hui-min's figure, which is his model from the original/classic game.

Collect Old Figurine


Old Figures Collections (Hangul: 오래된 모형 수집 ) is a new feature in the

remake of White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.


Players can collect figures in the game (Only It can be collected in Wang real [King real] Mode), resembling character models from the original version of the game. They can be also viewed from the "Old Figures Collections" Menu.

There are 7 figures to collect, (Lee Hui-min, Han So-yeong, Kim Seong-ah, Seol Ji-hyeon, Lee Bong-gu, Son Dal-su and Choi Eun-mi).

Collecting all of these figures will reward the player with an unlockable costume that is Bong-gu's Costume ("Solemn Memory").


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Item Location Additional info Image
Lee Hui-min's Figurine
[Male Student Figurine]
In the toilet tissue Vending machine at the "Girl's Bathroom", 1st floor of the Main Building 1.
Lee Hui-min's Figurine
Lee Bong-gu's Figurine
[Bald Janitor Figurine]
In the drawer of the desk at "Student Records Office", Main Building, Section 1. Used Small Master Key.
Lee Bong-gu's Figurine
Kim Seong-ah's Figurine
[Short-Haired Female Student Figurine]
On the Countertop at the "Home Economics Classroom" of the Main Building, Section 1 You should to ignite all Stove in this Classroom.
(And You need to Home Economics Classroom Key.)
Kim Seong-ah's Figurine
Choi Eun-mi's Figurine
[Middle-Aged Woman Figurine]
In the drawer of the desk at "Night Duty Room", Main Building, Section 2. Used Small Master Key.
Choi Eun-mi's Figurine
Son Dal-su's Figurine
[Janitor with Hat Figurine]
In the Storage cabinet at "Art Room", Main Building, Section 2. Used Art Room Key.
Son Dal-su's Figurine
Han So-young's Figurine
[Long-Haired Female Student Figurine]
In the Small drawer ( Near the window side ) at "Resource Center" of the New Building. Used "Red Keycard".
Han So-young's Figurine
Seol Ji-hyun's Figurine
[Female Student with Glasses Figurine]
In the Locker ( Bottom side ) at the "Girl's Locker Room", Auditorium ( A.K.A Lecture Hall ).
Seol Ji-hyun's Figurine


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