P's Vending Machine Key is an item obtained by using the Sanitary Gloves and performing a Kancho (In Korea, It's called ddong-chim) on Son Dal-su and taking the key off his belt.


Once the key is used on the out of order Vending Machines (Where the p painted on the side of the machine) at the New Building - 4F, it opens to reveal a short creature, known as Sonnorigun.

Having your flashlight off will cause him to give you 10 Lunch Boxes and having your flashlight on will scare him and you get nothing. (or If you open it when the Janitor chased, you can't get anything.)

After a cartoon-like running on the spot, the odd character vanishes.

Upon inspecting the machine, Sonnorigun is seen hiding in the Vending Machines; all the machinery has been removed, making it as functional as a simple closet with enough room to fit a small person (with a giant head). You may, however, still purchase lunch boxes from the Vending Machines.




The character hiding in the machine is known as Sonnorigun. He was something like a Sonnori mascot and (presumably) appeared in several Sonnori games. In Oh!Jaemi he is a ball dispenser machine. He can also be seen on the "Under Construction" signpost, and Seong-Ah has an unlockable costume with a locket shaped like Sonnorigun's head.

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