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P.E. Class Plans is a note exclusively found in the White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. It details the info of P.E. Class Plans.


It is found in Gym Storage (P.E. Storage) Room on the 2nd floor of Main Building, Section 1



P.E. Class Plans

13th March

Lesson 1: Grade 2 - Class 12 Ball Practice
Lesson 2: Grade 2 - Class 4 Ball Practice
Lesson 3: Grade 2 - Class 5 Ball Practice
Lesson 4: Grade 2 - Class 7 Ball Practice

Note: The equipment will not have been cleaned up thoroughly after Lessons P.E. Equipment Cleaner wanted.

체육 수업 일지


-1교시: 2학년 12반 구기실습
-2교시: 2학년 4반 구기실습
-4교시: 2학년 5반 구기실습
-5교시: 2학년 7반 구기실습

-비고: 수업후 공 수거 미흡. 체육창고 정리 요망.

Futher Notes

  • This note is written about location of the ball.
    It is clue about the Safe puzzle in the Gym Storage Room.
  • In the Remake, The safe puzzle is changed. So this note doesn't appear.