The Passman ( or P man ) Ghost is a (possible an easter egg) deleted ghost from White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. It was eventually removed for unknown reasons and it's textures were leftover in the data files.


This ghost might be an easter egg or a tribute to someone else from the sonnori company since in the prototype version (the demo version), there is a picture near the toolbox called "Passman". It is possible when obtaining it would trigger the ghost.

Further Notes

  • Looking at the script, there is a crumbled picture in one of the beakers / tube. The picture is revealed to be "Passman".
  • According to the passman picture (in the demo), it says that he is the president of the Sonnori.
  • Passman character always appeared in all the games developed by Sonnori.
  • Passman first appeared in the Astonishia Story.