Pin is an item in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Remake). If you collect it, you can find the document.


It can be found in many places within the school. There are a total of five pins.

If you collect them all and sticks into the pin a specific point on the globe at Resource Center, you can get a School Ghost Stories.
( But, It is possible When you play the Normal mode or more )

Hints about the specific pin point are present in the document titled "A Girl's Dream"

Location of the Pins

  • Main Building Section, 2
    • In the large wash basin at the 3rd Floor Girl's Bathroom.
    • In the 2nd Floor Faculty Office 2 : On the desk near the typewriter (Mobile ver), On the chalkboard near the Faculty Lounge's door (PC/PS4 ver).
    • In 1st Floor Faculty Office 1 : On a desk (Mobile ver), On the long table(PC/PS4 ver).
  • New Building
    • In the Resource Center, 4th floor : On the desk with computer near the window.
    • On the book in the display bookshelf at the Reading Room, 4th floor.