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Property Repair Request Slip (or Damaged Items Report) is a document White Day: A Labyrinth Named School and Remake.
It details the data of Drive Belt.


It is found in the Mailbox near the Faculty Lounge's door on the 2nd floor of New Building of Yeondu High School.



Damaged Items Report

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파손된 기물 보고서

신관에 비치된 녹음기 (제품번호: RD-102) 2대 파손

-어학실: 구동 벨트 파손
-음악감상실: 전원부 파손

빠른 시일내에 교체및 수리요망.

작성자: 음악교사 오성춘


Property Repair Request Slip

Broken Property: 2 Cassette Players for language Learning (Product # : RD -102 )

1. Language Lab : Drive belt is broken
2. Music Appreciation Room : Power outlet is damaged

Please repair them as soon as possible as backward-play function is needed during in-class practices.

Submitted by : Seung-choon Oh, Music Teacher

기물 수리 요청서

파손된 기물 : 어학용 카세트 플레이어 2대 (제품번호 : RD-102)

1. 어학실 : 구동 벨트 파손
2. 음악 감상실 : 전원부 파손

실기 수업에서 뒤로 재생 기능이 필요하니, 빨리 조치해 주시기 바랍니다.

작성자 : 음악 교사 오성춘

Further Notes

  • In the Original, this note cannot be taken as it is in the Mailbox (You can only read it).