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Report (3) is a document White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. It details the data of The unidentified deranged woman.

In the Remake, this document has been incorporated into other documents.


It is found in Student Department Office on the 2nd floor of Main Building, Section 2.



Report (3)

Name: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Female
Address: No Fixed Abode

An Insane woman who started wandering around the school 2-3years ago.
She is seen mostly at night[note 1], but does not seem to cause any trouble.
She may be connected to the incident that occurred 3 years ago, but no evidence has been found to support this.
It is also worth nothing that she seems to be particularly sensitive to loud alarms and sirens.

보고서 (3)

이름: 불명
생년월일: 불명 /성별: 여
거주지: 일정하지 않음

1. 실성한 여자로 2~3년 전부터 학교 주변을 배회하고 있음.
2. 때때로 교내로 침입하기도 함. 그러나 특별한 행동은 없음.
3. 3년 전 사고와 관련이 있어 보이나, 관련물증 없음.
4. 경고음(화재, 도난 경보음)의 소리 에 상당히 민감한 반응을 보임.(발작 일으킴)

Further Notes



  1. This sentence is a translation error => Sometimes She is break into the school.