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Safe Unlock Code is a note in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.
It details the instructions of The Safe in Gym Storage (P.E. Storage) Room.

It is exclusive to the original version.


It is found near the Safe in Gym Storage (P.E. Storage) Room on the 2nd floor of Main Building, Section 1 of Yeondu High School.



Turn right to the number of Baseballs, Turn left to the number of Volleyballs,

Turn right to the number of Footballs, Turn right to the number of Basketballs.

우로 돌려 야구까지, 좌로 돌려 배구까지,

우로 돌려 축구까지, 좌로 돌려 농구까지.

Further Notes

  • The clue about password of the Safe was written in the "Cleaner's Memo".
  • In the fanpatch, Unlock code was written the counter direction.
  • In the Remake, this puzzle is changed. so document also replaced.


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