Sanitary Gloves is a weapon as well as a hidden game easter egg < In White Day: ALNS (Original) > that can be found at the spot where the mannequin was. It is in the Biology Lab on the 4F of Main Building, Sections 2.

The reason why it's in the mannequin in a Biology Lab is completely unknown, however it's typically assumed that a student got away with this mischievous act.

The initial version, it was not. however, it was added in 1.10patch to weapon additional requests of the many users.

Getting the GlovesEdit


After the dizziness, move the mannequins.

※Dizziness doesn't occur in Easy Mode or less

To retrieve it, you must exhaust yourself until your vision becomes blurred and a whispering sound can be heard (a quick way of exhausting yourself is rapidly pressing the 'Space' key, which will make you crouch up and down repeatedly or Coffee Cans also help).
Then the mannequin will walk toward you. Maintain your exhaustion ( stand still and recover until the mannequin returns to his stance and when the whispering sound stops. ) until you see the item drop from the around of mannequin's foot. Then pick up the Sanitary Gloves from the floor.


It's one and only purpose is to be used to poke to the anus of janitors.
It is said to be a practical joke in Asian countries, known as "Kancho"( In Korea, It called a ttong-chim ) two-finger technique. This humorous and painful act causes the janitor to fall to the floor helpless, stunned, and wiggling in pain for a few moments. In the New Building, this can also be used to steal P's Vending Machine Key strapped to Son Dal-su's belt, or simply to buy some time.

This item is one of the biggest forms of comedic relief that the game offers.

If you succeed in poke to the Janitor's anus 5 or more times with a sanitary glove, their baseball bat turns red color, you can not damage the Janitor until it is discovered by the janitor, and the attack strength of the Janitor increases by 1.5 times.


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