A Saved game is a data file created by the game and saved on the device from the game or during the game, this data allows users to resume their gameplay from the point that the game saved, saved games were actual features in video games since the 1970s.

White Day series Edit

Similar to the Resident Evil series, in White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (2001), the player can use a Pen item in order to save their game on notes that are posted in certain toilets.

Originally the same in the 2015 remake, however, this was changed after being patched on the mobile version (first release version), the pen's save functionality was removed and is no longer used to save the game, instead empty Photo albums on the bulletin boards are used to save, once saved the picture will have a scene of the saved area. The pens became functional after a later update which introduced Hard/King Real Mode, in which the Pens are used as retry tickets once the player dies.

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