School Ghost Stories, throughout the game you will find various notes scattered throughout the Yeondu High School.

Some of these notes are Ghost Stories related to the school's background and rumors. Most of the stories indicate and describe certain ghosts you can encounter in the game, an example being the Haunted Head Ghost.

These notes can help you identify the school's terrifying ghosts and learn more about the history of Yeondu High School and its dangerous background.

In the remake game version the ghost stories can also be read in the Ghost Collections menu once collected under special circumstances.

School Ghost Stories

"Notice: We are in the process of moving ghost stories and documents to their own corresponding pages, documents that are in both versions will be placed in a single page with a section for each version, as for remake English version wait for official localization to come out."


  1. The Housemistress Spirit
  2. The Uncrossable Bridge
  3. Unnamed document ( Officially, it doesn't exist. Estimated document. )
  4. Woman trapped in the closet
  5. The Ghost Tree
  6. Child playing in the corner
  7. The Secret Of The Pond
  8. The Diet That Brought About Death (The Diet That Killed)
  9. The Reversed Ghost
  10. Competitive spirit ( Doesn't exist on game. It exists only dummy data file in the Original )
  11. The Unsolvable Math Problem
  12. Find My Body for Me


  1. Ghost of a Houseparent
  2. The Impassable Bridge
  3. Boy, Kills Girl
  4. A Woman Locked in the Closet
  5. Ghost Tree
  6. The Wailing from the Art Room
  7. The Secret Of The Pond
  8. Extreme Dieting Death
  9. The Lost Face
  10. Competitive spirit
  11. An Incorrectly Solved Math Problem
  12. Find My Body for Me
  13. A One-Sided Love
  14. The Mystery in the Dance Studio
  15. The Kid in the Corner
  16. Tragedy Brought by Jealousy
  17. Voice that Beckons Me
  18. The Mystery in the Biology Lab
  19. Mermaid (Document)
  20. The Missing Children

Some document titles were edited, altered or completely replaced in remake:

There are also additional Ghost Stories featured in the remake: